“But I come back to the water, no matter how hard I try” – Moana

After my brother’s birthday L, I was contemplating which beach I should head to for a quick get away before I come back to Singapore. It was Batanes and Siargao which were on top of the list. However, a girl friend M convinced me to go for Boracay instead. It made sense because the flight ticket was a lot cheaper than Batanes or Siargao. It just cost me 135 SGD for my return ticket.

March 05

Boracay, a paradise. It was my solo trip too! 🙂 Looking forward to be in love the second time around in this island. One of the good things about why I love solo trips was I own my time and I get to meet a lot of people. Though of course, with friends and family are a lot of fun too! :p

I decided to stay in Chill Out hostel because it’s cheap and a lot of local and travelers go there. haha Unfortunately, since the pandemic, not a lot of beach hoppers were in the island. But, still great place to stay, very accommodating staff!

I was planning to do parasailing, sunset cruise, island hopping, drink a lot of local beers and an adventure of food in Boracay.

I have done paddle boarding, sunset cruise, met a lot of people and drink a lot of beers.

What I really loved about my 1st day on the island was the sunset cruise, where of course we viewed the sunset while someone was playing acoustic guitar in the background. I was mesmerized by Boracay’s sunset. Sunset + romantic songs would make you want to cuddle on the boat. Sadly, I had no one to cuddle with there but I felt like as if the beach’s breeze and sunset were enough to cuddle me that time! haha.

My 2nd favorite was learning paddle board. It was tough doing paddle boarding. It looked easy but it’s not. So standing on a paddle board felt a dream came true! haha 😛

March 06

I went island hopping and parasailing on my third day.The parasailing was a bit tricky though, it was raining when I did it and the wind was freaking scary I just maintained a poker face but I was really petrified!

After parasailing, I went island hopping in the afternoon. It was fun and gloomy! But I had to flaunt my bikini which I bought the night after, I was drunk :p haha

On the island hopping, I met a lot of people which I was happy about. I was looking forward to the cliff diving but they told me since it was gloomy, we just had to visit a cave and we went there. It was a fun activity! 🙂

My battery died towards the end of the island hopping trip. I was supposed to meet my friend M to hangout but I couldn’t get her because I couldn’t open my phone even when I charged it. So I just went restaurant hopping to eat a lot of food and to drink. I couldn’t drink that much though because my flight was tomorrow and I couldn’t just be drunk as a solo traveler haha since I was meeting a lot of people haha. So I just enjoyed the beach, locals, food and beer in Boracay on my last day without my phone.

Engaging great conversations with the people and having to sip your beer while you feel the air breeze were really fun. Being yourself can really be enjoyable! 🙂

March 07

My last day in paradise. I went back to Manila and visited my dentist so he could adjust my braces. I will miss my brother.