I always try new experiments when it comes to diet. I have been wanting to do juice cleanse since 2015 but I couldn’t just get started. And I figured, this year will be the perfect time to take care of my body moving forward.

I picked juice cleanse because there are a lot of benefits, some of them are: neutralization and elimination of toxins (detox), weight loss, improves immune function and increased in energy and stamina and overall feeling great in your body.

A juice cleanse is a type of detox diet where you consume vegetable and fruit juice for a limited period of time. This is also called juice fast. During a juice cleanse fast it is only recommended to only drink juice in the duration of the cleanse.

Before juicing, you have to prepare within 2-3 days of your cleanse to eliminate certain types of foods – coffee, refined sugar, meat, dairy products, alcohol, nicotine to reduce withdrawal symptoms, headaches and cravings.

During the cleanse, it is recommended to cleanse within 1-3 days. It is only recommended to drink 32 ounces of juice with at least half being green vegetable juice. And after the fast, you can begin to eat lightly for a few days.

I ordered a juice cleanse for 3 days – it is worth 200 SGD (it was quite expensive) but I had to do it anyway for my experiment. It picked Juiced Juice because I have heard great reviews when it comes to their detox program. I bought the basic cleanse: 6x 500ml bottles each for a day. The juices include: Greenlicious, Sunkissed, Life Potion, Clean & Lean, Berry Blend and Nutty Cleanse.

May 12

My juices arrived. Yay! I was pretty excited to try them. But I had to weigh in first. My weight was at 58.9kg/129lb. The juices were numbered on each cap – that will tell you which juice to drink in order. The juices have only a shelf life of 3 days and have to be refrigerated at all times. It was properly packed and they also provided a cleanse schedule manual. The cleanse schedule includes to start the first juice at 9:00am, 2nd juice at 11:00am, 3rd juice at 1:00pm. 4th juice at 3:00pm 5th juice at 5:00pm and the last juice (6th) is at 7:00pm. If you lead a different lifestyle from the time schedule, it was advised to have around 2 hours in between the juices and to drink plenty of water.

May 13

Day 1 of juice cleanse

I have been preparing for this since I have been doing intermittent fasting before my cleanse. I am pretty ready for this. haha. I always wake up early due to work and I work out during the morning, I prefer working out in the morning because I couldn’t sleep that much when I work out in the evening.

The first juice I had was taken at 9:00am. Greenlicious the ingredients were kale, celery, apple and lemon. I must admit this was one of my favorite drinks! I never thought kale would taste that good with celery! haha I was so impressed. A perfect breakfast juice!

At 11:00am I drank my 2nd juice which was named Sunkissed – ingredients were pineapple, orange, cucumber and mint. It was so good! It was a refreshing feeling drinking these 2 juices on my breakfast! I was very excited to drink the 3rd bottle.

It was 1:00pm and time to drink my 3rd bottle. The 3rd bottle was life potion – ingredients were beetroot, carrot, pear, lemon and ginger. I never liked ginger, this tasted like a medicine when I was a kid. The reason I was dreading to drink this juice on my 2nd and 3rd cleanse but I just had to. haha. It was not that great compared to my breakfast juices :(.

I carried on and drank my 4th bottle at 4:00pm named Clean & Cleanse – ingredients were lemon, apple, cayenne, honey and water. This juice was okay. Nothing special, it has sour taste because of the lemon. It’s quite better than my third juice :p

My 5th bottle was at 5:00pm named Berry Blood – the ingredients were blueberry, strawberry, apple and lemon. It tasted like a rotten apple to me haha. I did not like the taste of this 5th bottle and I just had to chug it all in so I won’t be able to taste it any further haha!

Finally, my 6th bottle at 7:00pm was named Nutty Cleanse – the ingredients were cashew nuts, vanilla, cinnamon, honey and water. I was actually looking forward to drink this because the ingredients looked appetizing. However, it tasted bland to me haha It was not sweet, the nutty flavor was there. It was a very light juice, because this was the last juice and it should not create any bloating effect.Surprisingly, the cinnamon did not overpower the taste of this juice. I like this juice as well but nothing compared to my 1st and 2nd juices. πŸ™‚

After the day was over, I made sure I went for a walk. I was surprised that I did a 10km walk during my 1st day of cleanse. I was energized. I loved how I felt. I was focused at work and my mood was really happy! πŸ™‚

May 14-15

The process went on for my 2nd and 3rd day of cleansing. If I were not able to work out in the morning because it was raining, I made sure I could get it after my work ended. I weigh in everyday during the cleanse. I was happy with the result and how I felt in progressing this journey.

May 16

The moment I have been waiting for, to be able to eat solid food again. haha! But first, I weighed myself. From 58.9kg on my first day cleanse, my weight on this date was 57.8kg. Woah! I lost 0.7kg in just 3 days! My goal of weight loss was achieved.

I was very happy that I did this experiment. I was able to share the experience to my friends as well. I was more energized, focused, felt good with my body, and I lost weight. I would probably do it again to detox but since it was very expensive, I would just do it on my own. I would recommend juicing if you would want to be back on track on taking care of your body or just simply losing weight. I love every part of this journey and I hope you’d try it too.


Maria, sometimes Niskie