December 13, 2020

I have done a lot of diet experiments within this year. My plant-based diet experiment for a month and juicing diet for 3 days. I always want to fall in love in the process of being tough. Taking my mind and making it stronger. I want to cultivate mental toughness. I really find it to be very empowering once I have done it.

For this month, I have taken on a 3 day water fast. Please do not attempt to do this when you have not done any diet experiments or under medical supervision. 😀

Water fasting is a fast during which all food and drink except water is restricted. I had cheated twice for black coffee. It was still a 0 calorie diet though :p

In order to do this experiment, I have to set up an intent which was my inner goal. My intention for this experiment was to gain self-control. Trying to do things hard and I also love to do the unconventional. My goal is to finish the experiment.

I was so excited to do this experiment. I wanted to eliminate some of my bad habits which was drinking too much added sugar sweetened beverages like soda. I love Coke so much 😦 but it was already so addictive and I have gained weight because I became very careless.

Day 1

I woke up at 7am to jog. I have never done a 630am wake up call to fix my bed and to jog so I am setting up a new habit which my body was so not used to. I felt great!

I drank black coffee in the morning but I had some palpitations on my 2nd coffee. I can’t drink too much coffee and I switched water for the rest of the day. Ingesting water only for the first day was a smooth process for me. 😀

Day 2

I woke up at 7am again – fix my bed and jogged. I felt so happy I was doing a 1 mile run which was so new to me and I felt so light (well of course I have not eaten all day).

After I showered after I jogged, I realized that some of the hours of my day were all consumed by preparing food, eating them, washing dishes, drinking coffee, contemplating my day with coffee. So since I was not eating I was left with a lot of things to do. It was a good way to not think of food so much.

I had my mani pedi, read 1 book (Think Like a Monk) applied to a lot of jobs, listened to 2 podcasts in a day, fixed my calendar of activities, talked to my family, friends and talked to myself 🙂 And I cheated again, I drank cold brew because it says 0% calorie. :p

During the night, I felt that my body was trying to adapt to the changes that I really felt weaker and I wanted to end the experiment. My hands were also trembling however when I shifted my mind to other things all the thoughts that I had to end the experiment and the trembling disappeared. I just have to keep pushing through.

Day 3

Same new routine. I felt that my body was so tired. I have not ingested food for 2 days. My 3 day fast will end at 7pm today and I just needed to keep pushing through. It was very tough because all I can see and smell was food. Whenever I scroll social media I was more interested with food than anything else!!!

At 7pm I broke my fast. Yay! Finally I was able to eat and I was so happy I finished the experiment.


I can honestly say that this is the hardest diet experiment I have ever done so far. The change that we make, makes us stronger. I love self-control because it makes me feel alive. I control my thoughts and emotions. Instead of me thinking that this experiment is hard, I think of the process – the process of gaining back the control. In that way, the body starts influencing the mind. My mind is always going to be stronger than my body. I’m doing a 16-8 intermittent fasting now.


Maria, sometimes Niskie