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M: Hello!! Wohoo! Thank you for doing conversations with me haha. Happy birthday! 😀
L: Thank you, Niskie but sometimes called Maria! Haha Getting older.
M: People always thought that you were older than me well in fact I am the oldest. Haha How does it make you feel? :p
L: I have already accepted that I am the matured one among the 3 of us.
M: Matured when it comes to physical looks. haha
L: Intellectually matured.
M: Intellectually matured but emotionally stupid haha :p (a joke)
L: Haha! Right, the enlightened one haha :p (a joke too) Anyway, I am glad we are together. What do you think of the place?
M: It’s great! I love the sunrises and sunsets I capture outside the balcony, I have a lot of photos of those that I have already shown you.
L: Ah yeah, you always wake up at 6 and all this morning routine bunch. I never saw you doing your breathing exercises, (to the sound of hummmm hummmm)
M: that’s what you call meditation loser haha and of course you have never seen me do that because you are still asleep.
L: Anyway, this place really reminds me of our childhood. It is so peaceful.
M: I agree, it is very peaceful here. The no internet connection is really amazing to be honest but with remote work it’s a bit hard. I also like that I get to spend time alone to think without monkeying on social media.
L: Looks like a lot of thinking. I actually like the morning routine you are doing. Are you a Stoic now? haha :p
M: I am not a Stoic although I like doing some of their principles. If things get hard, I ask what would Seneca do? And yes, morning routine is awesome. I like to bask in reverie. There are so many things I accomplished. I plan to do a vlog soon and more writing.
L: Sounds like a plan! haha How’s the move for you by the way?
M: I am very tired. I have moved 4x since arriving in the Philippines. And I realized I needed to declutter some of my stuff. I have too much stuff that is not that important. I am always moving from one location to next with stuff anchoring me not in a good way. I just also spoke to mom, she wanted to send stuff again and I told her I will give it to you because I am trying to be minimalist. I am donating a lot of my stuff and plan on selling them soon.
L: Minimalist huh?
M: Yes, I will talk about that and my move next time on my blog. I felt like my stuff weighs me down. Minimalism would help me not to deprive myself but to clear the clutter, to remove the excess and reorganize my life to get on the right track.
L: Oh man yeah we have a lot of cups haha
M: haha I know right.
L: Well, good luck on that new experiment.
M: Thanks my handsome brother (a joke too) haha :p I have to figure out what doesn’t work so I can find out what does.
L: I am quite excited for what’s ahead.
M: Me too. This is the opposite side of the bridge and we are building relationships here which is kind of exciting for me and plus their coffee is good too :p
L: I know, right? I wish that the whole family is here now.
M: They will be.
M: Thanks for spending time with me on my blog conversations, we actually talk everyday and more in depth but thanks for doing this. I love you.
L: Not a problem, I love you too.Tata!
M: Nyt, bitch. :p