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June 13, 2021

In a time where we experience prolonged uncertainty and ambigous loss. There is a constant emphasis on safety. A time where we face uncertainty by being more productive so we ended up working 7 days. Before, we are working from home, now, we are working with home. All at once I became a friend, a sister, a colleague and a worker. Buildings are still standing but they are emotionally shallow. Now we avoid happenstance where we can experience mystery, surprise – all that comprises eros where it creates aliveness and brivancy. Where creativy and curiosity meet.

We need to create space for eros. I even wonder where there are a lot of people who watches plants grow, see breads rise, and owning or adopting a pet during pandemic. It was because these things create space for eros. When we see life emerging in front of us, it functions as an antidote to deadness or stress. A puppy or even a kid gives us surprise, mystery and spontaneity – which we don’t have much during this pandemic.

The idea of continuing what we used to be is the thing that we need to let go. We need to understand that this time is a sense of mutual reliance. We are all in this together sharing our own experiences, showing compassion and to support each other.

I am embarking on a new journey of taking care of a pet – his name is Joey. Being responsible for another one’s life. Joey was born on May 03, a breed of Chow Chow – they look like polar bears. I named him Joey because he is my favorite character in Friends (TV series)- a very laid back, funny and doesn’t take life seriously character. Joey will be my wingman in the future, he will help me create space for eros. The bestfriend anyone could ask for. I can’t wait to blog more about our adventures together.


Maria, sometimes Niskie