July 09, 2021
Batangas, Philippines

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I constantly search for authentic food restaurants and bars to satisfy my food and alcohol cravings. Luckily, I got an invite from my friends again to taste 2 restaurants – Korean and Filipino food! Thank you so much, Lipa Status! You guys are the best and I always look forward to hanging out every weekend to try new food places and experiences!

Few things sound perfectly well when I hear the word alcohol. This is based on my experience and my taste, it is always subjective. 🙂

Blogged this on July 03 (Saturday)

1 Samgyup BBQ and Grill – Sico Branch

I love KBBQ and there were few of KBBQ restaurants in Manila and Singapore that This time, I’d like to share my KBBQ experience in Batangas. Samgyup BBQ and Grill is an eat-all-you-can meat restaurant. They serve variety of meat, rice and surprisingly milk tea. If you are not a heavy eater like me, it’s still good to try out with friends sometimes. This branch serves perfectly sliced meats (beef and pork only) and thick, savory and spicy sauce on the side. They serve pretty decent quality cut meat. It is pocket friendly without compromising the quality of their meat slices. However, I would have adored the place more if they have Kpop songs – Black Pink in your area background music while you grill. They also don’t serve soju which was a bit disappointing for me because of my love for alcohol. It would have been better if my stomach was filled with soju for a authentic Korean food experience.

The dishes that were served from bbq to korean fried chicken generally filled my tummy and comforted my soul. I actually like the conversations with friends better enjoyed with succulent grilled meats. I would recommend this to friends who want to enjoy hearty meal and who wants to get their Korean BBQ fix. You will eat and leave smelling charred meat though haha. I’d rate this at 4.0 out of 5 stars

Budget: Php 500 for unlimited pork and beef

2. Casa Maestro – Lipa

Casa Maestro is a restaurant and bar so I was really looking forward to sipping some alcohol, baby! The place is casual and laid back which serves alcohol and variety of Filipino food. I tried lechon beef (roasted beef), pizza, kare-kare and cocktails.

When the cocktails were served, I have to admit that I was really disappointed. It was not rich, without layers of flavor, no pronounced savoury notes and not smooth. It was not a bar-quality alcohol for me. It was a thumbs down for me when it came to their alcohol mixes. Gosh, I would have really loved if I had beer instead. I love San Miguel pale pilsen – one of the best beers I ever tasted. But come on, this is not only alcohol review – I am just so passionate about alcohol. haha

Moving forward with the food – I love the lechong baka – it was so soft and a good quality beef at a pocket friendly prices. I personally recommend to try lechong baka. For the Kare-kare (oxtail), tasty kare-kare for me is a balance between the meat, vegetables and creamy peanut sauce, I am afraid their kare-kare did not make the cut for my taste buds.

The food service and staff were highly commendable , the place was also properly lit and ambiance was good. I remember my college days when I visited this place. I would rate this restaurant and bar 3 out of 5 stars. I’d probably go back to try beer next time and some nachos! haha

Buget: Php 150 – Php 500 per pax
Cocktail tower: Php 500 (not bad!)

Maria, sometimes Niskie