July 16, 2021

Another invite from my vlogger friends – Lipa Status. We visited a farm and tried one of the famous milk tea in Lipa on July 09, 2021.

Southbend Farm
Narra Street
Lipa City

Southbend is a lettuce farm located in front of an extinct volcano – Mount Malepunyo. This place used to be a ranch and they plan to expand it and offer a farm to table experience. The owner of the farm, Raymond, is passionate to growing products which are nutritious and cheap. There are other variety of lettuce that they would want to grow which is Romaine Lettuce which I would love to be chewing last week. haha. The system of their planting is hydroponic – which means soil isn’t used at all in growing the plants. They use recirculating system. It is a water grown lettuce. You can find more of our interview with the owner in this link. I wish it could have had a farm to table experience but it is something that I can look forward to in the next years. It would be great to be drinking wine while enjoying the view and having salad! haha

Chachago Milk Tea
Big Ben Complex
Lipa City

Lipa has a lot of milk tea places. One of my favorite of them is Chachago. I am so glad to be trying this 1st branch in Lipa and of course, thanks to my friends from Lipa Status. I have known this place when I visited Taiwan and I just raved about it to friends. The brown sugar milk tea is my favorite and it only costs Php 140.00. You can also choose how much sugar you wanted for your drink. I always choose 50% for sugar level. It has a unique brown sugar recipe with soft and chewy pearls that were not too sweet and fresh milk! This drink is a treat for its flavors! I would recommend to sip the pearls first to appreciate the chewiness then mix it up with the fresh milk. It’s how I drink milk tea! Yikes, I miss it while writing this review. It is really a must try plus you can always order them from Foodpanda and Grab! Sweet!

Out to my next adventure!


Maria, sometimes Niskie