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July 19, 2021
Batangas, Philippines

Visited the place July 18

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I have been writing a lot about food spots in Batangas and I couldn’t really find a place where I could really recommend to friends until I visited La Sobremesa.

La Sobremesa is located at Dayton Food Park, Lipa. This pet-friendly bistro is a perfect place to dine with friends, family and pets for a pocket friendly meals so you can just get away with the stresses in the city.

It is also no secret that Filipinos love food and karaoke. La Sobremesa also caters KTV lounge where you can channel your inner Mariah Carey and hit those high notes (couldn’t think of any singer but Mariah) haha. For just 2,000 Php you can sing your lungs out and enjoy a consumable drinks and food worth 1,400 Php!

This place is just a favorite of mine especially their unlimited Filipino street food for only 299 Php only! You can never go wrong! I am a big fan of Filipino street food-barbequed pork and chicken intestines, pig’s blood and liver in grilled sticks while you dip it in vinegar! There are other food choices such as chicken, shrimp, grilled squid, kare-kare and fish to choose from. I love the side dishes too especially the deep fried pork intestines! I love intestines! Dammit! haha

I will rate this 5 out of 5 – pocket friendly and tasty food, pet-friendly, alfresco and of course karaoke! Highly recommended! 🙂

Please check menu prices in the photos below. Enjoy!