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“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”Paul Prudhomme

August 01, 2021
Batangas, Philippines

Food has always been one of the things I look forward to when I travel internationally or locally.

Siargao caters to mouthwatering international and local cuisines with vegetarian options. I love how all the restaurants and cafes in Siargao maintain sustainable practices like not using plastics in their straws and the restaurants roof were made of nipa. One thing I have learned in exploring great food spots in Siargao was to ask the locals – they know where the best alcohol and restaurants are which you cannot even find online.

This will be my food review in all the food spots I have tried in Siargao. Taste can be really subjective so I still suggest visiting the place, stay curious and immerse yourself to the flavors of Siargao.

Getting Around Siargao

You can rent a motorcycle worth Php100 per day in where you are staying. Most hotels cater to motorcycle rental. We stayed at Jonas and Twins.


I spent roughly Php6,000 for food for 7 Days and 6 Nights stay in Siargao.

Day 1 – July 20


Kermit is an Italian restaurant which only uses freshest and high quality ingredients imported from Italy mixed with local ingredients from local market and local organic farm. They make all their pasta and pizza dough daily so it is indeed really fresh! I actually really enjoyed dining here and especially the pizza. The point of making a pizza is the dough and the cooking method. Kermit pizza is cooked to perfection brick oven style. I just I love how thin it was but more importantly the toppings of the pizza and the pasta was not easy to resist especially with luscious coating of cream and Parmigiano cheese on the sides. Slivers of fragrant truffles blissfully float in the creamy sauce! I love Kermit! 🙂 Well, for my drinks, I drank Coke haha. :p

They also have Happy hour which is from 4pm to 7pm daily, and 4pm till closing time on Fridays – we did not drink here I don’t even understand why haha. Pizza has also opening hours from

Location: https://www.kermitsiargao.com/restaurant
Menu: they have a fix menu and twice week they change the specials depending on what’s available in the market
Price: Price ranges from Php100-Php500-00

Day 2 – July 21


Wantaw is a surf deck and chill out area located in Pacifico Beach in Siargao. They cater to mostly Japanese cuisines. If you want to dine in and see a great view of the beach while you surf this would be a great place to chill and drink your beer. I tried their coconut milk shake and beef bulgogi, The coconut milk shake was flavorful and beef bulgogi was cooked tenderly.

Location: https://www.wantaw.com/
Price: Price ranges from Php100-Php500-00


I actually really enjoyed dining in Harana because it catered to Mindanao flavors which I have been looking forward to tasting in Siargao and it did not disappoint! A very laid back place with cozy seats you can just sleep there haha.

I had Pyanggang Chicken which was a braised chicken in burnt coconut with turmeric, lemon grass, ginger and local chilis. It is also served with coconut garlic fried rice on the side! So much Siargao flavors in 1 dish! I love how flavorful it was and the braised chicken was so tenderly cooked. A one of kind mouthwatering experience! This is a highly recommended restaurant if you want to try an authentic flavor of Siargao! I’d definitely would come back here again to get a taste of Siargao. 🙂

Location and Menu
Price: Price ranges from Php100-Php500-00

Day 3 – July 22


This was a great place to hangout with friends having wine, cocktail and of course beer. Their menu mostly caters to vegetarian and pescatarian dishes (only fishes and shellfish). I had vegan chicken sisig (a chicken cooked in a sizzling plate) which was a mock chicken meat. I don’t really like eating mock meat because it is very boring bland taste of meat, taste is not even close to chicken! so if I want to be full blown vegetarian, I’d probably eat a lot of veggies instead of eating mock meat. Since it was windy, sadly, they were unable to catch a tuna and unavailable in the menu. I’d still go back here again to try their fresh seafood while drinking under the moonlight and breeze of the waves! I also remember a bulldog chewed my flip flops here. haha

Location and Menu
Price Range: Php200-Php600-00

Day 4 – July 23


This is café that serves a healthy smoothie bowl which is popular to Siargao where you can enjoy smoothie while looking out at Cloud 9 surf spot. I actually really like this because it was so refreshing and healthy! Great way to start my day. I’d probably go back here and taste other varieties of their smoothies in a bowl. I tried their Bom Dia which was made of acai, banana, mango, pineapple and mixed berries. So flavorful!

Location and menu
Operating Hours: 6:30am – 5:30pm
Price: Php 200-Php 500


This is a locally owned cafe just across Jonas and Twins where we stayed. A quaint cafe catering to ethically sourced coffee. They are just open from 8:30am to 5:00pm when we were there. I love their iced macchiato coffee in a very sunny weather.

Operating Hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm
Price: Php100-Php 200


This is a seafood and grill restaurant catering to just fresh catch seafoods! Since it was a bit windy when we got here, sadly, there were no lobsters that was caught because fishermen cannot fish when there is too much wind in the sea. But, they have prawns and oh man! I love their prawns in the pasta so delicious! I would want to go back here to try more variety of fresh catch seafood! I tried bloody mary linguine, so yum!

Location and Menu
Operating Hours: 8:00am – 9:00pm
Price: Php 200-Php 600


This is a small cafe recommended by one of the locals in Siargao and it did not disappoint. Their signature creamy cloud 9 was really creamy and flavorful. I love every sip of it. They also have tablea cheesecake chewy and tasty best enjoyed with coffee! It was very authentic dessert in Siargao, You can enjoy drinking coffee here while reading a book. I’d love to go back and enjoy the taste of my coffee and that table cheesecake.

Operating Hours: 7:00am – 5:00pm
Price: Php 100-Php 300

Emelia’s Restobar & Seafoods Paluto

This probably was the most pocket friendly yet so delicious seafood restaurant in Siargao that caters to fresh catch seafood! Every dish was perfectly cooked and the serving was huge for group of friends! This place was highly recommended by the locals and I second that. Their seafoods were too die for that I forgot to take photos of each dishes we tried. I love the experience, the staff, the service. I will go back to this place when I visit Siargao again. A heaven sent of seafoods! Yummy!

Location and Menu:
Price: Php 100-Php 600


This is a Filipino cocktail bar so I was very excited to try this. I really love bars catering to native flavors of alcohol. When we went here, the owner welcomed us. Her name is Lisa. I ordered a cocktail named Hurricane. It has dark rum, pineapple, honey and lemonsito (Philippine lime). To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of this drink. I like my alcohol to have an earthy aroma, fruity, with a hint of sweet finish. I did not taste the lemon here though I would have liked to have it funky taste of lemon but it failed to impress. I would try the other variety of alcohol next time I visit. The owner has made us shots (it was a rum shot) because it was my friend’s birthday and holy fuckery! It was the alcohol I was looking for. This rum shot was not included in the menu and it was locally made so I was very happy. It was a delicious lip-smacking alcohol! And next thing I knew, I was fucking wasted after that drink haha. I blame it in my gut not the alcohol. 😀

*there was no electricity before we left here and no generator. Brownout is common in Siargao when we were there

Location and Menu
Operating Hours: 5:00pm – 11:00pm (Siargao has curfew)
Price: Range from Php 150-Php 400

Day 5 – July 24


This is an Italian cafe catering baked goods and smoothies. If you want a relaxing afternoon while enjoying a crispy bread with nutella filling and their signature smoothie (which has spinach, banana and raisins soya), this cafe is for you. This cafe was not my favorite in Siargao but worth checking.

Location and Menu
Opening Hours: 7:30am – 7:30pm
Price: Ranging from Php200-Php400

L’Osteria Siargao

A fancy Italian restaurant overlooking the beach. It has a very romantic vibe into this restaurant which I like. If you want a fine dining experience this one is definitely a good place to go for a date and date with friends for now haha! :p We went here to celebrate Tin’s birthday.

They serve pretty heartily here and they say it’s an authentic Italian dishes as the chef is an Italian too. Same as Kermit it’s an open kitchen when it comes to baking the pizza. I had Tortelloni Al Gorgonzola which was a handmade stuffed with fresh ricotta cheese with Italian blue cheese sauce. I actually love this, it was creamy and flavorful. The serving was good for sharing too. For the pizza we ordered Prosciutto rocula e parmigiano with tomato, mozarella, parma ham, rocket salad and parmesan cheese. Between L’Osteria and Kermit, my heart belongs to Kermit. L’Osteria is still worth trying for an Italian restaurant in Siargao.

Location and Menu
Operating Hours: 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Price: Php 350 – Php 2,000

Mama’s Grill vs Bebie’s

I have tried both of the grilled places in Siargao. Mama’s Grill and Bebie’s are spacious grilled places catering to mostly grilled pork, chicken and intestines. I honestly like Bebie’s flavor better because of their grilled sauce and their meats were not dry so I’d recommend Bebie’s grill. I had trouble with my gut upon eating the intestines at Mama’s Grill.

Price range: Php 20- Php 200
Operating Hours: 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Day 6 – July 25

Warung Siargao

This is an Indonesian inspired restaurant. I actually love the ambiance and villas of this place and yes, it is also overlooking the beach so it was very relaxing. We had breakfast here after surfing. Although it’s Indo dishes, I had beef silog (beef slices with fried rice on the side). Overall, I enjoyed my breakfast here with Indonesian teh tarik drink (a type of milk tea in Indonesia without the bubble tea). I don’t have the photos of the food, only the view haha.

Location and Menu: https://siargaoislandvillas.com/warung/#top
Price: Php 200 – Php 600


This relaxing cafe is just few steps away from Jonas and Twins and we always hang out here during breakfast, lunch, dinner and even before going to bed. We have made friends with the manager here. Her name is Joy and of course their dog, Hugo. The service was superb and the staff were phenomenally friendly. This cafe is my favorite and would love to go here everyday next time I visit just to have my sesame, turmeric coffee while devouring a perfectly crisp tuna bread. So healthy and flavorful! They have variety of food and drinks in their menu that you can try.

Plus, they have food truck outside the cafe which caters to more side dishes or snacks like squash fries (yes, it is made of squash which was really delicious). Lastly, they have Siargao locally craft beer! Woohoo!! Yes! Thank God for Goodies! 😀

Operating Hours: 7am – 11pm
Price: Php 150 – Php 300

I love exploring the flavors in Siargao and definitely would go back and try more bars and food spots here. It was one hell of a food adventure! Yummy in my tummy! 🙂

Maria, sometimes Niskie