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August 23, 2021

When I was in Siargao, my sissy asked me if I wanted to adopt a Siberian Husky. I immediately replied I would. I really want to be hands on parent to a pet, how it feels like taking care of one, watch them grow and loving someone unconditionally.

Phoebe or Pheebs was born on July 05, 2021, a female Siberian husky. She has a beautiful thick grey and white coat, has piercing blue colored almond-shaped eyes and has a wolf like qualities.

Phoebe is named after Phoebe Buffay from Friends TV series. She has a very light and witty character. I love Friends sitcom so much that we might adopt more pets to be able to complete Friend’s characters haha.

Pets really bring vibrancy into our home. They give us surprise and mystery. I love taking care of Joey and Phoebe. Right now, I am having sleepless nights with Pheebs because she is adjusting into her new home and she wakes me up to eat and pee. For now, I carry her while we walk everyday alongside Joey. When we go to malls, I’d prepare her diaper and currently she is on her 2nd vaccine dose.

It is very hard being hands on parent to a dog. Taking care of Joey is very challenging and now we have Pheebs, it will require a lot of patience agility and belly rubs. I am glad my sissy and brother are helping me.

Phoebe and I will have a lot of adventures for sure – from running to hiking. Sibes are very adventurous and active dogs so there will be a lot of physical activities going forward. She is a great addition to our growing family with our baby boy Joey, the Chow.

Pheebs- The Sibe

HEIGHT17 inches
WEIGHT5kg as of September 1
LIFE SPAN12-15 years
BREED SIZEmedium (26-60 lbs.)
GOOD WITHMaria, sometimes Niskie
TEMPERAMENTfriendly willful outgoing playful like me :p
INTELLIGENCEhigh like me haha!
EXERCISE NEEDShigh like me
ENERGY LEVELactive like me


Maria, sometimes Niskie