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Photos Grabbed from: Batangas Republic, Lipa Status and pretty sissy – Malen

August 30, 2021
Batangas, Philippines

Date of Event: August 28, 2021
Location: The Outlets Lipa

Aside from going to fiesta (event marked by festivities), I am always amazed by street food and night market. I was lucky enough that my friends invited me to try the food bazaar at Outlets, Lipa which was called Batangas StrEAT fair. This is an annual event which caters to Batangas and other countries’ street foods with over 40 local businesses and entrepreneurs who took part of and a lot of activities – lomi eating contest, milk tea and coffee buy 1 take 1 treats and live bands.

I liked the ambiance when we arrived at the Outlets. There was social distancing, organized food stalls, and alfresco style dining experience while enjoying the food, scenery and music with friends. I love Batangas food – from kapeng barako to lomi (a type of Filipino noodle soup). Aside from Batangas food, I tried variety of street foods in the bazaar. What strike me most was the ice scramble! Ice scramble is a Filipino dessert made from shaved ice with banana extract and condensed milk with oreo, marshmallows, powdered milk and more powdered milk haha, and chocolate syrup on top! So yummy! It is the colored pink shaved ice cream in the photo below.

The other food I tasted in the fair were okay. I was disappointed with the kwek kwek – deep fried boiled quail egg coated with orange batter, it is also a Filipino street food. It was not freshly cooked anymore. 😦 I also tried Shawarma and takoyaki. I must say that the shawarma’s beef was appetizing and I got to have a lot of beef in the flour tortilla cone! Woohoo! The takoyaki was okay, they didn’t use octopus, they used squid instead. I wished there were more pieces of squid in my takoyaki balls. Nevertheless, I have never tried takoyaki with cheese so it was new for me. I have tried better tasting takoyaki somewhere else so this takoyaki was meh for me.

Overall the experience was fun but I have to admit I have had better experience when it comes to food bazaar or night market somewhere else. I am still okay trying out this place to get the experience and food scenery in Batangas which occurs every year. Next time, I will join their lomi eating contest! haha

Maria, sometimes Niskie