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Photos grabbed from: Lipa Status, Batangas Republic and Arven Bravo
This year has been amazing because of the experiences and the relationship I am having with them. I am overwhelmed with richness of Batangas and its people.

September 11, 2021
Batangas, Philippines

La Vienne Bakery Cafe

This quaint little bakery only occupies a tiny space in Rosario, Batangas. They just opened it’s doors to public on September 09 serving Instagram-worthy cheesecakes, coffee and milk tea which I believe will be a hit to their customers. Me and my friends got to taste different types of cheesecakes – lemon meringue, La Vienne cheesecake (their signature), magma cheese cake and chocolate. What really stood out for me was the chocolate cheesecake – it was texturally sensational from top to bottom. It had a fluffy cake texture that was light and creamy. Yum! As cloying as the cheesecakes looked in the photos below, they were actually super light with tangy-sweet balance so perfect for my coffee which contrasted the sweetness well! The cheesecakes were melt in your mouth goodness that you wouldn’t want to miss. They were perfect for my palate. I can devour them without sharing to anyone! haha Overall my experience was great although you can also make cheesecakes at home, this bakery is worth trying. Go bring your friends and enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the delectable milky sweetness of their cheesecakes. I will rate this 5 out of 5.

STORE HOURS: Monday-Saturday10:00am – 8:00pm Sunday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Address: 2nd Flr., Unit 3, Panaligan Bldg. G Recto St., Brgy. C 4225 Rosario, Philippines
Price Range: Php150-300

The TapsiShop Lipa

One of my favorite Filipino breakfast food – tapsilog. Tapsilog is a condensation of words tapa, sinangag (garlic fried rice) and itlog (sunny side egg). Tapa is a fried marinated beef slices. I actually can cook this type of breakfast but what I have tasted in TapsiShop was worth tasting. It was made of huge tender chunks of beef! It was flavorful and easy to chew which for me requires a good technique in cooking. I was so impressed because it can take me hours to just cook a tender piece of meat! The meat was well seasoned, fried and caramelized. The taste had a good combination of sweet, sour and garlicky flavor. You can also dip your tapa with vinegar which was perfection! If I had to rate only the tapa, it would be 5 but some of the food that were served were just okay for me but still worth the try.

STORE HOURS: Monday-Sunday 10:00am – 9:00pm
Address: Lipa-Malvar Boundary, Bugtong na Pulo, Lipa City, Batangas (in front of Wilcon depot)
Price Range: Php160-300


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