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September 14, 2021
Batangas, Philippines

I am so happy to be launching my Podcast where I invite people who are close to me to talk about the unspoken truth about life. For my first episode, I invited my best friend, Marky. We talked about our friendship, working in Singapore and what made our friendship stronger despite the challenges we faced.

I’ve known Mark since 2015, back when he was my colleague in sales department. He was very friendly and easy to get along with then we have crossed paths again in Singapore and that was the time when our bond got stronger.

He is the constant in all the changes in my life – from black to pink hair, the ups and downs, dating men – he is actually my wingman. It’s so funny because I used to tell every men I met that he was my brother and they didn’t believe me because we don’t look a like haha.

No matter what happened in the past and changes that will happen, one thing is for sure – I will always choose my friendship with him. He will be there for me at 2 in the morning if I need him – not the type of booty call hahaha. I love him and will always treasure the friendship that we are building. I am excited to what’s ahead in his life (love life, sex life, career life haha). I am thankful for this friendship.

My podcast with Marky will be translated soon. haha It is in Taglish (Tagalog and English). This episode is more on Friendship and Working in Singapore.

Here is the link of my conversation with Marky on Spotify and Anchor

Unfortunately, my burning questions for Mark were not recorded so I am just going to blog about those questions and answers I got.


  1. Sa loob ba or sa labas? – (inside or outside)
    Mark: Sa loob (inside)
    Niskie: Sa loob kasi maiinit (inside because it’s hot haha)
  2. Good looks or good in bed?
    M: Good looks. Looks is important. Makakapag adjust tayo sa bed. haha
    N: Good looks because I can teach him in bed if he’s not that good. haha
  3. Which part of your body is your favorite?
    M: My eyes. Gusto ko talaga syang tingnan sa mirror. (I like looking at my eyes in the mirror) haha
    N: My boobs haha
  4. If you’d give up 1 thing between the two – food or sex?
    M: Wow, that’s a very difficult question. Pwede bang both? – (Mark can’t give up any of the two. haha
    N: Haha food nor sex. Pwede bang yung cake ko may filling na lang ng lalaki? haha (Can I have both. My men as filling in my cake)
  5. If you could go back in the past what would you change?
    M: How I manage my finances, saving is really important.
    N: Yes, me too! haha
  6. What is the worst relationship advice you have ever received?
    M: Once a cheater is always a cheater. I don’t believe that because people change.
    N: I agree with that as well. But my worst relationship advice would be – find someone who will love you more than you love them. Hahaha I find it so absurd.
  7. So, last question for my audience, who has a crush on you, they would want to know if you are currently dating.
    M: Yes, I am currently dating here in Singapore.
    N: Due to Covid, my dating life is on hold for now. Haha Before, I used to say with condom, we will have sex. Now, are you vaccinated or not? hahaha