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September 26, 2021
Batangas, Philippines

“There is no such thing as a problem breed. However, there is no shortage of ‘problem owners’….”
― Cesar Millan, Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems

I have been obsessing about dog psychology lately, hence, the lack of my blog posts haha. I have been reading and watching Cesar Millan’s teachings regarding how human behavior affects dog’s behavior. I am very inspired and this is another new learning for me, not only to our dogs (Joey and Pheobe) but a better understanding about myself.

I lack sufficient understanding of my dogs’ nature and I want to gain a deeper understanding of how my dogs see the world – and what they really want and needs in order to live a peaceful and balanced life. I want to become more balanced “pack leader” to them and to the people around me. I am a very impatient girl – Phoebe made me realized this. I am not at all in a balanced state because I get stressed easily. I want to get things done and if I don’t get what I want, I do something else entirely.

People think that dogs are like them – they throw birthday parties, they dress them in costumes, hold conversations with them as if they are their confidant – these activities are not actually fulfilling to them. I am very guilty of these as I am just using these things for my own fulfillment and needs.

I believe that my dogs and I should create a relationship – not only they give me what I need but I also give them in return what they need (exercise, discipline and affection).

At 6:00 in the morning, I have to get ready for my run with Phoebe. She is a Siberian Husky and very energetic. She is very happy when we run and I couldn’t be happier too. I realized that she likes the challenge of keeping up with me as her leader. After our run, I reward her with food. I only reward her with food when she’s calm. I like to exercise with Pheebs because I can be relaxed too and she won’t run all over the house and be jumping. I need to divert her energy to somewhere else and only feed her after she’s earned it. I like to discipline her now – before I was so worried that she might react to that and instead, just show her affection. Discipline is a form of structure. The more I disciplined my dog, the more that I will be having a well-behaved dog and I could be her leader. She is also a search dog – she likes to sniff and dig. I would want to help her become who she really is and now I am trying to find toys for her and games to play.

I want to project the kind of consistent, calm-assertive energy around her. I want to be confident and be the leader she needs me to be because if I am not calm, she won’t be. I want her to experience a dog life not the human life. A calm submissive mind is the best state of mind for the dog to have. I believe that the only way to understand dog is to understand the way they interact with one another.

Dogs communicate of how they feel about your energy. Energy is dog’s language. Dogs only follow stable leaders and I have to be stable around my dogs. They can sense how I feel about myself. Animals don’t follow instability. Dog is a perfect teacher of how I truly feel. My dogs are reflection of how I feel about myself.

Dog is a specie that requires another to be with another just like humans. When I train calmness, not only I can get the dog I want but the dog I need. I want to establish the pack code – honesty, integrity and loyalty.

For everything that I do to help them, they give me thousand gifts in return. Now, I have to make sure that Joey and Phoebe share food because Phoebe right now doesn’t share food which I find very challenging. I need to influence good behavior. They need a safe place and solid leadership. I have to discipline them with rules, boundaries and limitations as per Cesar Millan’s teachings.

Maria, sometimes Niskie
AKA the Dog WhisFerrer haha