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“Once you go TT, you will never go PP” – Yves, the California girl

I am so happy to share my podcast with someone really special, my baby brother, Yves – of course, he is no longer a baby, but he will always be one for me. I sometimes feel that I am the youngest the 3 of us because I act like I am still 12 haha – in a good way!

I remember how we competed to win free VIP concert tickets back in 2014. It was really fun! We can go to concerts for free and if we were lucky enough, we met our favorite singers/bands! 😉 I miss going to concerts with him – the last time was Katy Perry’s concert which we also won the tickets.

I also miss going to raves, travel, cosplay, geeking out over a musical play (well, he influenced me to see musicals), or even just to make an ice cream.

As siblings, we disagree most of the time and I get envious that he speaks to Lewdan more than me but that’s fine – I get to have the podcast :p I am very happy that we have this bond together with Lewdan. I will always treasure the time we spent together and I can’t wait to live my California dreams too! haha

In this podcast, we talked about the time he came out, how he was hesitant to do so because of what society dictates – if you are a guy you should be with a girl. It must be hard for him to have felt that way but I am proud that he had the courage to accept who he is. He doesn’t have to tell everyone, he is gay, what’s important is he accepts himself. I don’t think I would become who I am today without his support and love. He influenced me in a lot of ways and the reason why I blog is because of him, he is a good writer and I want to be like him too.

The vulnerability that we shared together is beyond comparison and I look forward to more conversations in my podcast with him and of course in person soon! 🙂

Enjoy the Podcast in this link . Enjoy! 🙂