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October 16, 2021
Batangas, Philippines

Treat your hair as a science lab, experiment.”

When I was in freshman year in high school, my dad introduced me to different hairstyles – from very long hair to getting my hair shorter. He gave me confidence to experiment with my hair. I totally forgot how I was so happy back then, I was able to express myself.

Fast forward to year 2020, I had the courage to experiment again with my hair – from different colors and styles. And I so loved every experiments I had with the hair color first. I learned that when I started doing experiments in hairstyles, I really became obsessed with it. I started with pink then to purple. I have to admit, my favorite is pink among them. It took 5 hours to do that hair color and it cost me so much. I paid SGD400 for my 1st hair color, the salon’s name was Impulse. They had to bleach my hair first then put on the dark pink color. The dark pink became lighter in a span of 2-3 weeks and the more it became lighter, I grew to love it more.

After my pink became blonde, I tried the color blue – I was so stressed when I had this hair color because my job contract ended. I didn’t know I was unhappy until I saw my photos again. I was in denial that I was okay then. Anyway, this hair color was more affordable than the salon I had for the pink one. I went to Royal Hair studio to get my hair done. I only paid SGD150 but this was because they did not bleach my hair. Bleaching the hair cost more. I liked the color blue too but I didn’t quite enjoyed it when I was in Singapore. Maybe because I was in a different circumstance. Although, when I came back to Philippines and it became lighter in Jan 2021, I liked it more.

After the color blue faded and became blonde again, I tried to color it with light purple. It resembled my pink hair when it was fading but it’s still worth a shot and had my bangs back then. Since it was lighter and no bleach again, it faded so quickly. Experimenting hairstyles in the Philippines was way more affordable. In the Philippines, you can get any hair color/cut with bleach at only SGD130 (highest) or even SGD67 (lowest) that’s PHP5,000 and Php2,500 in Philippine Peso.

Before I went to Siargao trip in the Philippines, I was planning to have my hair dyed ash grey and an androgyny haircut. However, the salon that I’d gone to was not able to do it, which was quite disappointing. Although, it was so cheap that it only cost Php1,000-00. It was orangey that I had to go to another salon to dye it with another one but I still did not like the service of both salons. I will never go back to Index Salon and Freshaire.

Today, I am so happy because I already achieved the hair color and hair cut that I have been wanting to try. It is an androgynous hair style and ash grey hair color. It will slowly become platinum in color. I love this hair style as it is quite edgy, shaved in undercut, the middle hair is longer so I can brush it upwards to make a pouf for added volume. It is not only men who can rock a short hair style. 😉 If you can be confident to wear this hair color and style – it is for sure sexy in any girls. It only cost me Php4,850 at Bench Fix and I already spoke to the stylist that I want to experiment more in hair color and he will be my stylist now. haha Can’t wait!

Maria, sometimes Niskie