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October 24, 2021
Batangas, Philippines

Event Date: October 22
Photos grabbed from Lipa Status

Ultimo Lounge and Restaurant
Location: J.P. Laurel Highway Lipa

It was late in the afternoon when we went to an al fresco bar which caters to Filipino and international cuisines. I love al fresco restaurants especially if it’s near the beach or overlooking mountains. However, it was very hot in the afternoon to be honest to be in an al fresco bar, but, I have to endure the heat to experience this restaurant with my friends. For me, I wasn’t impressed with the food – it’s nothing special and the place itself. It would be better when we have gone in the evening and plus the fact that the band was too loud for me because we were just so near them! haha. I felt like I was in a club instead of just enjoying my food and the ambiance. I was kind of hoping that it would also be a brunch place, I am actively looking for a great brunch place in our area but I could not find any. Since this place is just in their soft opening, I would still try this again, in the evening and see if there are improvements when I’m back.

Project Studio + Coffee Bar
4217 Lipa City

After Ultimo, we head to a photo studio + coffee bar just across the street. I actually wanted coffee to perk me up, however, the place didn’t serve any specialty coffee because they are just also in their soft opening. The place is very cozy and atas (posh). They cater mostly to videography and photography and all sorts of events. I liked that they have concept rooms where they have different walls and thematic areas readily available so this is just not your ordinary photo studio. I like how one of the owners thought of having themed areas (baby shower, Christmas, family etc) so that clients can conveniently have an experience of any imaginative events with friends or family especially in times of pandemic. The interior is pleasing to the eyes and they are adhering to strict protocol in this time so that’s plus point. The rates range from Php5,000 to Php 15,000 (you also have an option to rent the whole place). I actually liked this place if I am just going to have a family photo shoot or any small events. It would be awesome! I just did not like the coffee. We were just served with Starbucks bottled caramel coffee. I’d rather go somewhere else to have my coffee. Overall experience was nice. If you like photography or videography, I’d recommend it but not for coffee lovers.

Maria, sometimes Niskie