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December 05, 2021
Batangas Philippines

My friends from Lipa Status and Batangas Republic were invited again to blog about another food spot in Batangas, this time it’s food truck!

Chino Latino – Mexican Food Truck in Batangas
Location: Dayton Food Park, Lipa
Price: Php200-Php500
Photos grabbed from: PJ Mea

A food truck is a large vehicle with a kitchen to make and serve food. I actually really liked this concept because they cater to mostly easy to prepare street food and of course in al fresco style. I am so glad to try Chino Latino in Lipa, they cater to Mexican street food. We had cheese quesadilla, burger, steak burrito and beef tortilla. I actually liked the cheese quesadilla made with grilled tortilla and melted cheese inside. I was very full though because we just had lunch in Rolando’s earlier so this was my snack so I couldn’t take burrito and burger anymore! haha The beef tortilla which they called beef birria is made of corn tortilla and shredded beef – the beef was a bit dry for me, I was expecting it to be juicy. I liked the corn tortilla which was crispy and cheese really gooey though.

Overall, I liked the experience in this food truck – not the best food truck and Mexical food I ever tasted but for the pocket friendly street food, I’d still give this another try and try their other Mexican street food.

Maria, sometimes Niskie