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December 05, 2021
Batangas Philippines

My friends from Lipa Status and Batangas Republic were invited again to blog about another food spot in Batangas. Thanks to them I got to experience another food exploration.

Rolando’s Bulalo
Poblacion Padre Garcia
Price: Php 80-Php1,000

Bulalo is a Filipino beef bone marrow stew. It is made rich by cooking beef shanks and beef marrow bones for hours, that’s why Rolando’s bulalo’s way of cooking is this: they slow cooked the beef in a cauldron and cooked it with wood fire. The wood fire gives a distinct taste in food and the casing of the cauldron nurtures and dissipates heat more effectively than thinner stainless pots. I agree with using cauldron especially they need more time to make the beef tender. The seasoning really depends to where or which region you are. For Rolando’s, they only use cabbage and beef as their main ingredients which of course seasoned with salt, pepper and fish sauce. I actually like how flavorful the soup was and the beef shank so tender melt in your mouth which I find really comforting while sipping the soup in a cold weather in Batangas, I also like the one of the dishes they served which was tulingan – a Filipino braised fish (bullet tuna). Tulingan is one of the main dishes in Batangas, it is slow cooked in a clay pot until tender and infused with tangy flavor. It also takes hours to cook this, the longer you braise the fish, the tastier it gets. I love how these simple dishes are economical, appealing and taste really good. They served as well the appetizer – burong mangga (pickled mango), pinsec frito or Filipino deep fried wanton. They also served main dishes which were fried porkchop, inihaw na liempo (barbecued pork), pritong puil (deep fried pig’s tail), and leche flan as the dessert. Leche flan is made of eggs and milk with caramel on top, it resembles crème Brulee.

Overall, I really liked the experience especially I haven’t tried tulingan yet and pinsec frito. I like how all the food were infused with Filipino taste. It also pocket friendly without compromising the taste and alfresco. I would recommend this to my friends who’d like to visit in Batangas.

Maria, sometimes Niskie