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December 19, 2021
Tagaytay, Philippines

Right after our hike at Mt. Gulugod Baboy, we headed over to Tagaytay for yet another foodie experience.

Tagaytay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines due to cooler weather and scenery specifically Taal Volcano. Located in the North West of Batangas, it is also known as the beef shank soup capital of the Philippines.

My travel goal is to collect postcard memories from the Philippines’ tourist destinations. I am a sucker for postcards with handwritten notes. I still think handwritten letters is the sexiest gift you could ever received from someone special.

Getting Around Tagaytay

We have rented a van worth Php6,000 for 5 persons for 12 hours c/o Kuya Arnold. You can also opt to travel via commute. Travel time from Batangas is 1.5 hours. Please expect traffic during weekends.


Tagaytay is accepting leisure travelers provided that they follow the standard health protocol. No medical certificates, RT-PCR test or vaccination card to be presented to some establishments or checkpoints. But I suggest to always bring your vaccination card and for your protection, have yourself vaccinated.


My budget for this trip was Php2,000 for food only and environment fee which cost Php50.00/pax, for a total of Php2,500-00. For transportation, it was covered by my friends. Thanks so much! haha. Please note that most restaurants/cafes only accept cash. There are ATMs in the area but are quite far from each other so better withdraw near your place before you head over here.


Tagalog is widely spoken in Tagaytay but people can also speak English.


Tagaytay’s temperature when we got there was 24 degree Celsius. It usually has colder climate due to it’s high altitude. During our trip, it was a bit gloomy due to the rain but thankfully after a couple of hours, the sky cleared and we saw Taal Volcano’s majestic beauty.

Tourist Spots

Taal Volcano and Lake

Taal Volcano is one of the active volcanoes in the country. Tagaytay overlooks Taal Lake in Batangas and provides iconic view of Taal Volcano in the middle of the lake. There are more tourist spots in Tagaytay but this is my favorite especially if the restaurant is overlooking the volcano.

Flavors of Tagaytay

I was so excited I experienced being a foodie again in Tagaytay! 🙂 I have been here a couple of times but it feels like always my first every time I go here.

Bodhi Library and Cafe
La Bella Tagaytay City
Price: Php200-300/pax
Accepts cash only

It was raining when we got to Bodhi. The place was surrounded with a lot of trees and a peaceful atmosphere. The cafe is located in La Belle – a santorini inspired property with a holistic approach. I was a bit hungry when we reached Bodhi and unfortunately, they were only offering snacks like waffles and chocolate drink. I did not like the experience here although I liked the taste of my chocolate waffle, there is nothing special to the ingredients and not the best tasting waffle I have ever had but it’s enough to fill my stomach. I don’t think I’d go back here just to have chocolate drink but still good to see the place.

Bulalo Capital
Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway
Beside Total Gasoline Station, Tagaytay City
Price: Php200-Php1000/pax
Accepts cash only

I was very excited with bulalo (beef shank soup) in Tagaytay. However, when we reached Bulalo Capital the queue was very long that we waited for 1.5 hours to get seats. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely, plus the fact that the restaurant is overlooking Taal volcano. I loved my beef shank soup, this was made by cooking beef shanks and bone marrow until tender and the collagen melted and became clear broth. The bulalo in this place was really good, love the fact that the meat melts in your mouth, falling off to the bone goodness! That meant it was very tender, soup was just mouth watering. I actually like that it’s very simple and contained few ingredients (beef, soup, cabbage and few carrots) . Although it’s simple, it required a lot of patience in order to achieve that meat tenderness. The wait was so worth it! We also ordered fried tawilis (fried tuna), sisig (made from parts of a pig’s face and belly) and iced tea for the drinks. Their sisig and tawilis were crispy. The tawilis was best dipped in vinegar. I will come back here again but I’d probably go during weekdays so I won’t queue for so long. This is the best bulalo I ever tasted so far!
1st photo to last – bulalo, outside the restaurant, inside restaurant, sisig, tawilis and my friends

Bag of Beans
115 Aguinaldo Hwy, 4120 Tagaytay City
Price: Php200-Php2000/pax
Accepts cash, credit and debit card

Bag of Beans is one of the most popular restaurants in Tagaytay, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is my favorite go to dessert place in Tagaytay. Since we just ate for lunch and were still full, we just ordered desserts and coffee. I ordered purple yam cheesecake and iced macchiato. Purple yam cheesecake is a Filipino dessert made of crashed graham, cream cheese and ube halaya (mashed purple yam). It is purple in color. My cheesecake was so luscious and creamy. It was a well balanced flavors of ube and cheese. The iced macchiato was flavorful, not too sweet with shots of espresso and poured by cold milk, perfect for afternoon to keep me pumped up. Overall, I love the dessert experience and will come back for more.

Cecilia’s Buco Pie, Tarts, and Pasalubong
Various branches in Tagaytay near roads
Amount – Php250-Php500
Accepts only Cash

Filipinos bring and give pasalubong (souvenirs) whenever they go on a trip as a sign of their love. We stopped by Cecelia’s and bought some of their goodies before leaving Tagaytay. It was highly recommended by my friend and glad we tried it. Cecilia’s buko pie is one of the best buko pie I ever tasted in Tagaytay. It had huge chunks of buko (coconut) which was creamy and filling. It was also freshly baked and warm when served, I saw how it’s made so I can attest to this haha. It was also economical so buy as much as you can. My brother and sissy found the crust salty, however, I found it of the right taste and my dog liked it too so yes, highly recommended. They also have different flavors of pies and tarts to choose from.

Maria, sometimes Niskie