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December 23, 2021
Lipa, Batangas

Another invite from Batangas Republic friends. Food is really interesting – the richness of it’s history and how just by combining different types of ingredients create such beautifully crafted art.

2G’s Sizzling House
Purok 1 Anilao Labac
Lipa, Philippines
Price: Php 80-Php200/pax

Did you know that sizzlers were invented in India? It was inspired by Japanese tepenyaki in which meats and vegetables are cooked in a sauce on a hot metal plate. The metal plate is heated before its served, so when the steak is placed on it, it sizzles – (hear hissing sound). This process makes the flavor smoky which makes the dish more tempting.

I love the ambiance in 2G’s Sizzling house, it is a small restaurant in Lipa which caters to serving their dishes on a sizzling plate. The place is surrounded by bonsai and you can dine al fresco. It is quite relaxing experience with friends.

We were served with a lot of food – from burgers to sizzling plates (chicken, pork, beef). My favorite in sizzling plate would be the sisig –  this is a Filipino dish which comprised of pig’s face and belly, and chicken liver which is usually seasoned with calamansi, chili peppers or onions. Some even put mayonnaise to add to the taste. Although this dish originated in the North specifically Pampanga, I must say I like the variation of Batangas’ sisig, not my favorite but it’s alright for an economical price.

We were also served chicken wings on sizzling plate, it was crispy and the meat was tender but would not recommend to let it sit on the sizzling plate for too long because instead of getting a smoky flavor, you’ll get a burnt flavor. It’s not the restaurant’s fault but because we were taking photos first before eating that’s why. haha! Nevertheless, chicken wings are not made for sizzling plates. The burger bun was soft and the burger patty was juicy and cheesy, they also served nachos on the side. It was a good burger for me!

My most favorite food aside from the sisig was the sinigang soup which was the appetizer – it was sour and savory. I hope they put it in their menu because I won’t care if I eat sinigang in that place everyday. Sinigang is a filipino soup dish, my most favorite Filipino food of all time! In 2021, sinigang was rated as the world’s best vegetable by Taste Atlas.

Overall, I’d like to commend the owners for putting such a relaxing place which serves Filipino dishes in a small village. I wish them all well in their business and will invite more friends to come over there I had a good experience.

Maria, sometimes Niskie