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December 24, 2021
Batangas, Philippines

Christmas celebration in the Philippines has always been special. It is an utmost feeling being surrounded by people you love and give you love especially when you are at home with your loved ones. I like being surrounded by loving people, I used to celebrate Christmas in Singapore for the past 5 years and through those years, I was always surrounded by people who showered me with generosity and love. This was my 2nd time to celebrate at home and I was very happy. I also got to have a Zoom call with my closest friends in Singapore, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed!

Rose Villas Resort
Purok 6B San Jose
Lipa, Batangas
Accepts cash and credit card
Price: Php8,000-00/night for family room

We had an exclusive wonderful stay at Rose Villas Resort. I like the garden inspired resort that was also pet friendly. I really enjoyed that we had the whole resort all to ourselves which serves sumptuous Filipino cuisines! I had the best experience with our fluffy dogs. While others look for a beautiful place, there are dogs that make the place more beautiful 🙂

They also have accommodating staffs who made sure we were taking cared of. The pool was huge for a family and it’s also clean. I like that it has cement stools in the pool where you can sit while sipping your wine or beer. I also tried their Batangas tamales for our breakfast with caramelized syrup which we call latik. Tamales variation in Batangas is like suman in Bicol, it is a Filipino delicacy. Tamales is a rice cake made from glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaves and steamed until soft and chewy. It is best served drizzled with latik or caramelized sauce whether hot or cold. It is dessert perfection!

We stayed in a family room – a 2 storey room with 4 beds, 2 king size and 2 double beds for only Php8,000-00. We also made a 50% discount because it’s Malen’s relatives who own the place. Our room was spacious, the rest room has heater and strong flow of water, there was a ref which we can store beer and wine, dining table, mini kitchen and cabinets.

The condition of the place was quite new and I was really glad it’s pet friendly so we can bring our dogs. Although, having dogs around are really tiring because you have to carry them around. We have huge dogs – Siberian husky (my doggie), Chow Chow (Lewds doggie), and Japanese Spitz (Malen’s doggie). The FurRer family! haha I’d still prefer to have them around whenever we go out and take a break.

I love our stay in the resort and will highly recommend it to anyone. 🙂

*Please bring mosquito repellent because there might be mosquitoes at night if you sleep outside haha

Maaria, sometimes Niskie