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January 22, 2022
Batangas, Philippines

After our adventure in Batangas Lakelands, we headed over to a gastronomical adventure – restaurant hopping! 🙂

Ramen Co
Grovepark Commercial
JP Laurel Lipa, City
Price – Php250-500

A Japanese restaurant in Lipa, I was actually impressed with the price because it’s pocket friendly. Their ramen only cost Php250-00. The ramen noodles though were not authentic, the broth was not thick. We also ordered maki rolls or sushi rolls. The maki rolls were stuffed with crab meat and shrimp with mango on top, the okonomi maki, the rice is rolled in dried seaweeds. For all the dishes, we ordered california torch (mango on top), okonomi maki (has seaweeds), gyoza, original tonkatsu ramen and red ramen (spicy). This is not my favorite ramen.

Although not my favorite Japanese restaurant, I’d still go back to hang out with friends if I am in the area.

Grovepark Commercial
JP Laurel Lipa, City
Price – Php250-550

This restaurant is just beside Ramen Co which is a cheese bar. We decided to go here for the dessert so we ordered Chicken Pop Fondue, Lemon Sorbet and affogato. I also ordered mocktail because I did not want to be drinking in the afternoon. I did not like everything that we ordered. The chicken pop was bland, the cheese was not creamy, the lemon sorbet was just blended ice. It was disappointing for my taste buds. Although the place was very cozy, I have had better bars to recommend than this and I would not go back.

Hungry Hippo
Food truck near S&R,
Opposite Jollibee in Lipa
Price -Php150-300

If I’d recommend a burger place to my friends who want to visit Batangas, I’d highly recommend Hungry Hippo. I like burger to be very simple – juicy patty, cheddar cheese and good old bun. The simpler the ingredients, the tastier the burger is. It’s all about the patty and bun for me and Hungry Hippo has all those! I was so sad when they closed their shop in Lipa near cathedral and luckily today, they have their own food truck. It’s heaven sent! You can opt for takeway, delivery and dine in but with limited seating just on top of the truck!

Maria, sometimes Niskie