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February 21, 2022
Alabang, Muntinlupa

I am quite in love with the food scene in Alabang especially I really like dining al fresco. For last week, what really stood out for me was Neil’s Kitchen, Purple Oven and Romantic Baboy (pig) food spots.

Neil’s Kitchen
Westgate Alabang
Price: Php250-Php1,500
Accepts Cash, Debit and Credit cards

Neil’s kitchen provides contemporary food concepts which has it’s Filipino roots. Aside from the food, I like the exterior and interior decoration of the place with a mini book store. I ordered their sinigang (tamarind soup) paella which was a fusion of Spanish and Filipino dishes. The paella was infused with fruity, sour and savory flavor with tender and juicy pork belly on the side. It’s fireworks of flavorful goodness! I’d marry this dish if I have to! haha. I love sinigang, that’s really my favorite Filipino food of all time. My mom’s sinigang will always be the best though. Anyway, I’d highly encourage everyone to try this and if my friends visit me, I’d tour them here.

Purple Oven
Alabang Town Center
Price: Php150-Php1,000
Accepts cash, debit/credit cards

I have been wanting to try this since I was 22 and I finally did it! haha. Purple Oven is a bakery with a lot of pastries and cakes to choose from. I ordered sausage turnover and chocolate lava cake to go. I loved the flakiness of the bread of my turnover and it has a nice touch of crunch that is wrapped around the savory meaty sausage fresh from the oven. The lava cake is a charming chocolate concoction that’s gooey, not too sweet for me. I am actually not a fan of chocolates! haha but I’d still try this lava cake. Although the inside was not molten, it’s a delight treat in the morning with your coffee.

Romantic Baboy
Festival Mall
Price: Php599-Php1,000
Accepts Cash, Debit/Credit cards

This is by far the best Korean bbq I ever tasted plus it’s unlimited pork/beef was only Php599. Their meat were so tender and flavorful. They use plain and marinated flavors of pork and beef which I really liked. The staffs were accommodating and place was lively, they even gave us a white rose as a sign that the place is indeed romantic. I’d probably find it more romantic if they didn’t let us pay. haha! I will come back here again because of the beef and pork options, service and side dishes. The downside of this place was you’ll smell charcoal on your way out.

Brother’s Burger
Westgate Alabang
Price: Php250-Php700
Accepts Cash, Debit/Credit cards

I ordered this burger during Valentine’s day because I wanted to date myself but it left me wondering why I added Php100 for small amount of fries, I should have done an ala carte than add fries. Ala carte meal was Php250 but if you added fries it will cost you Php350. It’s so not worth it.

I used to really love their burgers when I was 22 so I wanted to try it again for Valentine’s day. haha However, the taste changed. It’s not the same burger I used to like although the patty is still tender, I’ve experienced better burgers after so many years so I’d say this did not cut my standards for burgers now.

Ramen Nagi
Alabang Town Center
Accepts Cash, Credit/Debit Cards

Same day in Valentine’s day, my sis in law and I tried one of the ramen joints in Alabang. I have tried this one before when I was 26 and during that time, I actually liked it. However, today, it’s different. Was it because I’m single on Valentine’s day? haha Nah, I’ll have separate blog about it. Not to digress, we were left disappointed because of the ramen. It’s pricey for the broth, meat and noodles. We were wondering maybe because we made it specifically for our preference. In this joint, you get to choose based on your taste preference or chef’s, we chose ours. haha The meat was not tender, the broth was not that flavorful or thick, the noodles were hard and the meat was not tender. We also ordered chicken karage which has a gingerand I really don’t like ginger as it has pungent aroma with sweet and peppery in taste. The ginger was too strong so I really did not enjoy this. I don’t think I’d ever go back again but will definitely try different ramen joints.

The Exchange Alley Coffee House
Molito Alabang Complex
Price Php250-Php500-00
Accepts Cash only

I wanted to try out another food spot in Alabang and this time I walked 15 minutes and found the gem called Molito Lifestyle Center. It has a lot of al fresco coffee shops, restaurants, bars, to name a few. I tried The Exchange Alley Coffee House or EACH for short. I always wake up at 6 in the morning so my routine will always be try a coffee place or breakfast place once a week/month. I’d buy a bike next time but for now, it’s walking towards a coffee house. haha

I ordered 3 cheese and iced coffee mocha in EACH. The place was relaxing and they are open at 7am so thank god for early birds like me. I like that my friends call me so I can have them even far while I enjoy my breakfast. So anyway, the 3 cheese grilled bread has a nice crunch on the outside and gooey inside. Although, I’d probably make this at home instead of going out to try it again. The iced mocha was a bit bland to my taste, I’d prefer to just make instant coffee at home. I’d give this a pass, I actually just enjoyed the breakfast because I got to speak to my friend. I will try other food spots in Molito.

Pound Burgers
Alabang Town Center
Price: Php175-Php500
Accepts Cash, Debit/Credit Cards

Another burger joint in Alabang, there was a rave in this place before and I wanted to see what’s with all the hype so I tried it. I like the interior of the place – I found it really cozy. I also like the service. I ordered the burger sliders because I didn’t think I could survive their huge sized burgers. The burger sliders were not worth the money, I like my burgers simple without any excessive ingredients plus value for money.

Westgate Alabang
Price: Php300-Php1,000
Accepts Cash, Debit/Credit Cards

This restaurant is open 24 hours catering to mostly Filipino food and alcohol beverages. It is also one of the outdoor dining in Alabang. I like the retro concept of the place but I did not like the food. I ordered beef salpicao and it’s not even tender and a bit salty to my taste. I should have cooked at home since it’s also a bit pricy for the taste. I will not go back. I felt so down this day and this food made me cry for sadness haha.

Maria, sometimes Niskie