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March 06, 2022
Batangas, Philippines

Hair Done Date: Feb 25 and March 01
Hair Stylist: Herbert
Hair Salon: Azta Urban Salon
Price: Php5,500-00

I started experimenting with my hair in 2020 during pandemic and started with pink hair color. And this time, I wanted to experiment with green hue. They say that green is considered at the top of experimentation in the world of hair color.

I was doubting at first if I could pull it off because it’s pretty bold. But, when I began checking Pinterest the inspiration, it gave me the courage to try it on. I had pink, blue, ash grey, light purple and now, it’s green. I must admit, my least favorite is actually the ash grey as it didn’t last longer than I thought it should be.

I did some research which hair salon caters to better hair styles in Alabang and I found Azta Urban Salon with high rating reviews. They are located in Alabang Town Center and opens at 11am. When I went there on February 25 11am, there was a long queue due to holiday season in the Philippines and they asked me to come back at 3pm. I went back but we started quite late around 330pm.

They began first to assess my hair and started shampooing and once it’s blow dried, Jen the assistant stylist of Henry started bleaching my hair. Since I have an appointment at 8:30pm for Buscalan trip, I asked them to finish early by 7pm. However, they advised that we can’t finish applying the green dye since it will take more than 4 hours. I agreed and just went back on March 1.

Dyeing hair especially bold colors require serious bleaching in order to achieve my green hair color so I was glad H short for Henry recommended that we do the bleaching twice. Crazy hair colors require patience and commitment, it took 6 hours to finish off the green hair color. I actually like dying dark bold colors than neon or pastel because pastel colors tend to fade easily. I wanted to enjoy the color of my hair for as long as I want.

Hairstyling is really a lifestyle change and I must be ready to carry and take care of it. Frequent showering will make the color fade, it will stain everywhere so I don’t use white towels to dry my hair. Dyeing my hair green or with bold colors is a testament to my experimental nature and how I always challenge status quo. It makes me feel , confident and invigorated.

Although, Azta, was a good salon. I will try other salons next time. So far, my most favorite hair salon will be the one in Singapore, Impusle Collective. When they did my pink hair, their bleaching reached to platinum white, no other salons in the Philippines that I tried reached that level.

Maria, sometimes Niskie