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March 11, 2022
Batangas, Philippines

Tried Locavore: March 08

10 Brixton St, Pasig,
1603 Metro Manila, Philippines
Price: Php200-Php1,000

Locavore is a Filipino restaurant that prides itself with using organic ingredients locally produced in the Philippines.

I actually love dining in Locavore, in fact, this is one of my favorite restaurants in the Philippines because they continue to reinvent Filipino food. Ever since 2015, I always try to visit this place whenever I was in the Philippines and it never disappoint. So this time, I will try it before adjusting my braces. haha They have varieties of mouth watering dishes like adobong ginataang baka, ginataang kalabasa, fried oyster sisig to name a few. I actually really love their sizzling sinigang. Sinigang is a soup based, however, they tried to add a twist to cook it on a sizzling plate. It was really spot on delicious. Even though they fused how it’s cooked, they managed to stay true to the core of how sinigang was supposed to taste – fruity, sour and savory.

Writing this blog makes me drool for food, it’s been 3 days of not eating solid food. My braces were recently adjusted so it feels like I am doing a water fast haha.

I was really happy to try Locavore again! šŸ™‚