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Date of Trip: March 25-27

April 14, 2022
Lipa, Batangas

Bohol offers a wide array of excellent alcohol and food. It has unique, innovative and great bars, cafes and restaurants. I like how they incorporate a Visayan twist to delectable international dishes and drinks. I will always go back here. I have had one of the best food and booze experiences here and it’s highly recommended! 🙂

Please note that cafes, bars and restaurants only accept cash.

Pyramid Beach Resort
Alona Beach

It was almost dinner when we arrived in our resort and we were famished, we decided to have Asian and European buffet along Alona Beach. It was reasonable and appetizing. I also ordered grilled intestines skewered in sticks (isaw), barbeque and pork. Although the choices were limited, I still had a great time because we were dining al fresco near the beach so we can swim after we ate. I had pizza, pasta, more meat, more pizza and more pasta and beer haha.

Hennan Breakfast Buffet

I really enjoyed the breakfast buffet in Hennan, it has lot of choices from pancakes, sausages, bacon and noodles. No photo of the food because I was always hungry in the morning. haha

The Buzz Cafe
Alona Beach
Price: Php100-200

I missed to visit Bohol Bee Farm and would really love to try it when I return. The Buzz Cafe is a sister restaurant of Bohol Bee Farm and is located in Alona beach and caters food souvenirs like homemade spreads and one of the best authentic ice cream I ever tasted plus it’s organic. I tried 3 of them – malunggay, charcoal and coconut. I couldn’t pick which one was my favorite, I love them all! It sucks that I didn’t get to visit Bohol Bee Farm upon tasting these flavors from their cafe, this is a must visit food place in Bohol, highly recommended!

Hayahay Restaurant
Alona Beach

We went to Hayahay for lunch before we left Bohol and it did not disappoint, thanks to Cerami who served fresh meal and provided us a fun experience here. I love the seafoods especially the tuna belly, it’s so yum!

Rice cakes in Bohol – Tarsier Sanctuary

When I visit a local place, I’d always look for the specialty, what made their food unique and what they are most proud of. I tried Bohol’s rice cakes – puto balanghoy and puto maya. Puto balanghoy is made of grated cassava and cooked with coconut and brown sugar. Puto maya is made of glutinous rice cooked in coconut and sugar as well. I loved them! I wanted to explore the local market to try their authentic rice cakes and dishes but I did not have that much time. I will be back for sure!

Panglao, Bohol
Price: Php500-1,000

Mist is located 5 minutes away from Hennan hotel by tricycle. It offers delectable dishes ranging from European, Asian and American food. The restaurant just launched in October 2020. It has an island like structure which was well lit and comfortable. However, there was a very long queue when we went here. It was not a great experience , all of us were very hungry especially Mark’s parents. It took us an hour to get seats and when we ordered, all their specialties were sold out. It’s a bad experience, I suggest don’t go here on a weekend so customer service and food will still be appetizing and better. The food we ordered were okay, not the best. I’d still would want to check this restaurant again when it’s not too busy, the quality and service of food are really affected when this happens.

 Tawala, Panglao, Bohol
Price: Php200-1000

Just a 5 minute walk away from our hotel, Bamboo is an al fresco cocktail bar. I love this place and would really recommend to sit in a bartender station so you’d appreciate your alcohol more. I actually really like their gin and tonic. Me and my friends really enjoyed drinking here – great place, people and alcohol.

Aluna Beach Lounge
Tawala, Panglao Bohol
Price: Php200-500

Just 2 minute walk away from Bamboo sits Aluna Beach lounge – they have dance floor, al fresco bar and live bands which I actually really like. The alcohol was okay, I ordered mojito but it’s not that minty and sparkling. I The tequila was great! It’s smooth and semi-sweet. I love their tequila and the owner was very friendly and all the staffs were accommodating. I really enjoyed the experience here especially during our last day in Bohol. Best people and alcohol!

One of the best food, dessert and alcohol I have ever tasted is definitely Bohol. It’s economical, authentic, and fresh.

Maria, sometimes Niskie