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July 03, 2022
Batangas, Philippines

I travelled back to Batangas to celebrate my husky’s barkday – I didn’t want it to have a lot of decorations like what we do for people’s birthdays because she won’t appreciate it and I also don’t like cleaning up after birthday parties! haha.

My dog loves to run, she is a very energetic dog who can’t resist chasing small animals, playful, gentle, sweet, not a good watchdog because of her friendly nature, she may look like a wolf but boy if you belly rub her she will come with you. I don’t think Siberian huskies are for everyone especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle but I know she is meant for me.

Her barkday is supposed to be 5th of July but I need to go back to Manila as I need to work onsite. So I spent 3 days with her including today and will just be celebrating her real barkday again in Manila.

We went on a trip for her barkday – grooming at Makoy’s, ate in a well known Filipino local restaurant at Lipa Grill, went to Outlets Dogpark so they can play and ate pupcakes at Purrfect Tails. It’s a well spent barkday with our dogs – Phoebe and Joey.

Makoy’s Petshop and Pet Grooming Center
MCS Buidling, P. Torres St.
Lipa, Batangas
Price: Varies depending on weight Php700-2,000
Accepts Cash and Gcash

Makoy’s Petshop got its name from the owner’s dog – Siberian husky named Makoy. They sell pet supplies, grooming services for different types of dogs, dog training and pet hotel (where they can stay like in a hotel if owner is travelling).

Makoy is our go to place for grooming services and supplies as they know how to properly take care of our pets and their supplies are quite cheaper than the other pet shops.

Previously taken video during her grooming -March 04

Lipa Grill Restaurant
Antipolo del Norte, Lipa City
Accepts Cash, Credit/Debit Cards

While waiting for Phoebe’s grooming, we headed out to eat lunch at a local restaurant near Makoy’s in Lipa Grill. It is well known restaurant in Lipa for their local affordable Filipino dishes – from sinigang to karekare. It is pet friendly and I also like that they have nipa huts outside the restaurant for dining al fresco Filipino style. They have variety of Filipino food to choose from making this a go to restaurant for all families in Lipa. Although I found most of the dishes salty to my taste, there was nothing special to this restaurant in terms of food, not the first restaurant I’d recommend to friends who are visiting me outside Batangas. If it’s just Filipino food, I’d probably invite them over to our home so I can cook homey meals for them than a restaurant since it’s more intimate.

PurrfectTails Cafe
The Outlets Lipa City
Accepts Cash/Gcash payment

After we ate lunch, we fetch Phoebe at Makoy’s and they played at Outlets Dog Park and ate pupcakes after. They truly enjoyed playing in the Dog Park and ate pupcakes at Purrfect Tails Cafe. This cafe has variety of pupcakes flavors to choose from – banana to liver puppcakes. I messaged them on Facebook to order cake for Phoebe’s barkday but they were unresponsive so I won’t recommend messaging them on their FB page but go to their store which I find really inconvenient. I wish they improve their customer service, the experience at the cafe was good for dogs as they already have pupcakes, I just wish there were more food for dogs. Nonetheless, the overall experience was great for our dogs. I’d probably try other pet cafes next time.

Having Phoebe and Joey are a life changing experience for me, I always want to go back home to visit them. They add meaning to my life and will forever treasure my time spent with them. I like celebrating birthdays especially for people who I care most about because if we don’t celebrate the milestone, we are just passing on with the time.

Maria, sometimes, Niskie