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August 04, 2022
Manila, Philippines

Date of Trip: July 27-August 01
Krabi, Thailand

I was so ecstatic to be traveling again and this time outside of the Philippines. I have been to Thailand, but, only in Phuket so when my friend invited me to join him on a trip to Krabi, I immediately said yes. Krabi was not our first choice as we were hoping to visit Bali instead but good thing we decided to go with Krabi. It was definitely a good choice.

Krabi is the capital of southern Thailand. It is by far the most relaxing and my favorite part in Thailand. I loved everything about Krabi. It has amazing scenery, delectable cuisine, pristine white sand beaches and stunning limestone karst formations and mangroves. It was one hell of an adventure and we’re already planning going back again next year but will explore other island – Koh Samui

When I was plotting our Krabi trip, I didn’t know that 6 days was too short. I was so amazed by all the activities we were about to do, I enjoyed everything, here’s the sample itinerary I have done, you can also check it out krabi-trip-sample-itinerary-1


I booked my flight in Scoot Airlines with connecting flights to Singapore to see my friends. Also, it was somewhat cheaper as it only cost Php10,264.11 return flight from Manila-Singapore-Krabi. You can also choose to have a direct flight.


Thai language or Siamese is the official language in Thailand.


The Baht (THB/฿) is the official currency


We booked two hotels as we moved to different towns

Krabi Town – Krabi River Hotel
Price: PHP 1,867.30/2 = Php933.65 or Php933.00 each or SGD24

Ao Nang Pakasai Resort
Price ₱ 8,355.45/2 = Php4,178 each or SGD105 each

Best time to Visit

Krabi has a dry and a wet season. The best time to visit Krabi is during the dry season from November through March.

Krabi’s off-season starts in April and runs through October. April is the hottest month in Krabi Province, and October sees the most rain during the year. It is still possible to enjoy good weather during the wet season just like what happened to us, although there were downpour of rain in some days, the sun still showed all through out our getaway.


1 Philippine Peso = 0.64 Thai Baht
1 SGD = 25.87 Baht

My budget for this trip was Php40,000/25k Baht/900 SGD.
Flight = Php10,264.11
Hotel for 6D5N = 5,111.65
Activities = Php15,217
Pocket money for food = Php10,000

I spent too much in Krabi, it’s just too hard not to do all those amazing experiences and adventure, one for the books! I would probably spend less the next time I visit here.


I will make separate food blog for Krabi

Day 1 July 27 (Wednesday)

My flight going to Krabi was early in the morning at 5:00 from Manila, it was chaotic in the airport, good thing I was there 3 hours before my flight. Too many things to consider, I have to pay travel tax Php1,620 because I no longer work abroad and it’s a requirement when you leave PHL. The queue in Scoot going to Singapore for my connecting flight was taking so long, I queued for 2 hours. When I reached Immigrations, I was questioned, it was fine I already knew it’s going to happen because I had a connecting flight in Singapore where I used to work so they really would question why I was coming back. It’s a protocol since most people get out of the Philippines to work for greener pastures without papers. It’s sad but they were just doing their jobs. I had to convince them that I was really indeed just there for vacation, explained my friend’s race, who I was with – he was a Taiwanese. It’s fine as long as everything you say is the truth, I don’t really care as it’s my right to travel. After the 1st interrogation, there was another one in the baggage counter. They didn’t hold me, I just had to explain why I was coming back to Singapore and fly there to Krabi. All I can say after everything that happened – I really needed to change my passport to other nationality haha!

All ended well, I was on my flight to Singapore to meet my friend, Yi Tzeng, we met in an event and from then on we became close in 2019. He was doing his internship and I was beginning to find myself in an event. To cut the story short, we remained friends after all those years. I love being friends with him.

We met at Changi airport for our flight to Krabi. I exchanged my currency to Baht in Changi airport. I should have done this earlier in the Philippines. I made a mistake in exhanging currency when we were in Krabi so it is better to always be prepared.

Krabi International Airport

Krabi’s time is 1 hour behind than the Philippines and Singapore, the airport was small similar to domestic airport in the Philippines. It was neat and very organized. From the airport, they asked for your vaccination certificate which you needed to present. Once we exited the airport, it was so quiet, just like a ghost town, after all it’s only Wednesday. From there, I knew, I’d like Krabi. We headed out to Krabi town for our first night.

Who Can Travel to Krabi

Travelers may enter Krabi with or without quarantine based on their vaccination status and country of departure.

Vaccinated Travelers – Vaccinated travelers will need to have a copy of their vaccination certificate on hand before boarding a flight and on arrival. Children under 18 who are traveling with vaccinated parents do not need to complete any RT-PCR or Pro-ATK test before departing.

Unvaccinated Travelers – Before coming to Thailand, unvaccinated travelers need to complete an RT-PCR or Professional Antigen (Pro-ATK) test through a clinic or medical professional. The test result must be issued within 72 hours before departing for Thailand.
*You can find more in https://www.thaiembassy.com/travel-to-thailand/thailand-travel-restrictions

Krabi Town

We left our baggage to our first hotel, Krabi River Town. We first bought our Thai sim card in 711 which cost 100 Baht good for 7 days unlimited call, text and data. We had our late lunch to Chalita’s Cafe – so yum! and walked in the river towards Chao Fah Pier. We were then approached by a boatman that provided us a tour to Explore Krabi River, and Khao Khanab Nam, Caves for 1,000 baht/2 person.

We took a traditional longtail boat to the limestone hills of Khao Khanab Nam which is 100 meters from the mangrove lined in Pak Nam Krabi river. We also explored the caves which was 10 minutes away from the pier. We saw prehistoric remains of human beings which was gigantic that depicted the legends in Thailand. In Thai, there are local legends of giants. The official logo of Krabi province is composed of two crossed swords while the name of Krabi in ancient Thai means sword. The two swords were believed to have surfaced after a battle with a giant and a giant serpent fighting for a beautiful lady. In the end both of them died and turned into Khao Khanab Nam mountains. Whether the legends are true, archaeologist is still in the process of investigation. Right after the exploration of the cave, we saw the fishing village of Koh Klang. The caves were so amazing, it’s so rich in history. We enjoyed the 2 hour longtail boat ride, I was so mesmerized by the beauty of Krabi town it was so relaxing boat ride that we almost fell asleep. haha! I am definitely doing this again!

Day 2 July 28 (Thursday)
Ao Nang, Krabi

We woke up early to move to another town which was Ao Nang. Ao Nang is a central point in Krabi which is dominated by restaurants, bars, pubs and shops. This is actually my favorite part of Krabi since it’s close to everything and plus the food were amazing!

We checked in early to our new hotel in Pakasai. I loved everything about this hotel – staffs, room, service and very affordable for a 4 star hotel. We had early lunch as well for our first tour – 5-7 islands tour snorkeling, sunset and bbq which cost Php2,549 per person. I booked the tour at Klook so everything was in order and the organizer picked us up at the hotel.

The technique so you won’t have a food poison on a trip is not eat on a boat tour especially if I don’t know how it was prepared and everyone was just using hands to get their food.

The 5 islands tour included snorkeling, sight seeing to Chicken Island, Yawasam Island, Tan Ming Island and Poda Island, snorkeling at night in Koh Raeng with bioluminescent plankton. My favorite of all were Chicken Island, snorkeling with Nemos, Poda Island and of course the plankton at Koh Raeng. The plankton was the most fun, I would have wanted to see them in the morning as well, it was so relaxing! I’d probably do this over again when I visit Krabi.

Day 3 July 29 (Friday)

We were early again for our 2nd tour in an island, this time it was Krabi to Phi Phi Day Tour by Speedboat which cost Php2,528 each. It consisted with the following islands – Maya Bay (where they shot the Hollywood movie The Beach by Leonardo di Caprio), Viking Cave/Monkey Beach, Koh Phi Phi Don and Bamboo Island. My favorite islands of all are Maya Bay and Phi Phi Don. During this time, it was holiday in Krabi (Birth of the King Bridge) there were a lot of people who wanted to see Maya Bay with its towering limestone monoliths that was reopened 7 months ago since June 2018 following a massive rehabilitation program. They are going to close this beautiful island again from August 1 to Sept 30 during the monsoon season. We were in luck to see this beauty, it was so beautiful – aquamarine water, fine white sand. During this time, swimming was not allowed because of the chemicals they used to rehabilitate the island, but you can’t really resist getting in the water. I will come back just to watch this beauty.

We also went to Phi Phi Islands and stayed there for lunch. We did not go back to the tour for Bamboo Islands because there were a lot of tourists we couldn’t really enjoy it that much. Phi Phi Island has pristine beaches and stunning rock formations. I like Maya bay better but Phi Phi is more commercialized so next time we visit Krabi, we’re probably going to stay here. After Phi Phi, we headed over to Railay beach – stunning limestone formations.

Railay is 1 hour and 45minutes away by boat from Phi Phi. It was really far. It is divided into East and West. East Railay is used for docking, it is not for swimming as it is covered with mangroves and south part of the boardwalk rests Phra Nang Beach with amazing limestone formation. We were not able to go to Tonsai it is at northend waterfront with hotels and difficult rock climbing cliffs.

West is the primary destination of the beach goers in Railay. It is surrounded high limestone cliffs. It is also where the long tail boats going back to Ao Nang waits. It has walking street with linedup restaurants to choose from. I love everything about Railay and Phra Nang beach! A must visit place when you are in Krabi.

Phi Phi Don

Day 4 July 30 (Saturday)

Tiger Cave Temple, Emerald Pool & Hot Springs
Price: Php
2984/2 = Php1492/each or SGD38

The history of the Tiger cave temple in Krabi dates back to 1975 when a monk was meditating in the cave. During his meditation, he witnessed tigers roaming around the cave which led to the discovery of the temple Wat Tham Sua. The name of the temple also comes from the discovery of tiger paw prints on the walls of the cave.

The first we did was to climb 1,260 steps to reach the summit of the Tiger Cave temple (Wat Tham Suea). It is located at the bottom of the complex and as with most temples in Asia, you need to cover up your shoulders and knees to go inside. It was so tiring early in the morning but was it worth it? I actually would really suggest to try this once in your life but not do it again, I liked the view atop with lush forest but there were better views in Krabi other than this.

After the climb, we were pampered with a peaceful day at the mineral hot springs to rejuvenate and relax. We also dipped in the Emerald pool which was amazing, it’s like a swimming pool in the jungle, very natural. I enjoyed this experience but it was just fine, I’d prefer the sand and the beach.

After the climb and relaxation, we headed over to Railay beach to try out the night kayak from Freebird Paddle Co for 1,600 baht. They also have SUP (stand up paddle) but I preferred kayak at night. The kayak was transparent so you can see the fishes below and has a light to see what is underneath you at night. It was so fun! I was so hesitant at first because I was really tired but it’s an amazing experience seeing the sunset and of course the plankton again, this time in kayak. I can’t even describe how happy I was seeing the planktons while I row! 🙂

Night kayak

Day 5 July 31 (Sunday)
Elephant Sanctuary Ao Nang in the morning Php3,611
Railay Rock Climbing in the afternoon c/o Railay Rock Climbing Shop

I headed out first in the Elephant Sanctuary Ao Nang to see the elephants, feed, bathe, mud massage with them. I only did this tour because Yi Tzeng did not want to see the elephants. haha This was also by far the most expensive tour I had. In the sanctuary, we were taught how to feed the elephants, bathe them and care for them. We also did the protein balls to feed them. Their goal in the sanctuary is to rescue elephants of all ages and offer best living conditions for them. In their website they say that they can’t release them into the jungle because they weren’t born there and have no idea how to survive in there. The elephants age range from 20-60 years old. It’s fun to get to know them and of course help them by being in this tour. I had a great and relaxing time with the elephants and I had to most refreshing coconut juice in this sanctuary. I will come back for sure!

Railay Rock Climbing with Cave Connection and Abseiling c/o Rock Climbing Shop = 1,200 baht

We headed out to Railay to do our last activity which was rock climbing. All I can say is Railay has the best rock climbing activity, it is also known as the rock climbing paradise. The view of the stunning karst when you rock climb was beyond imaginable. Railay Rock Climbing shop also offers all the equipment you’ll need for climbing at a great price. We also met Jane, the owner and the only female who rock climbs in Railay. Getting to know her and her passion for climb was so amazing. It was lovely meeting her. The rock climb was so exhausting, I used to do this in Singapore but only wall climbing haha. I didn’t reach the top but it was one hell of a climb – I screamed all the time haha! After we rock climbed, we did the cave connection but first we had to hike going to the cave. It was very tough as we were only using our flip flops and it was slippery! We were not informed to bring our shoes and I was carrying a rappelling bag which was heavy. When we reached the cave, I thought we were just going to take photos but no, we did spelunking in flip flops! haha It was really scary but the adrenaline rush pushed us forward and we survived the endless ladders. When we reached the top of the cave, the finale was abseiling, also known as rappelling, it is the controlled descent of a steep slope, such as a rock face, by moving down a rope. I must really admit this was an unexpected and unforgettable adventure. My outfit was in a bra too because I did not bring any sports wear for this trip. It was one hell of an experience and glad we did it! I will never forget this!

After the unforgettable experience, we went to hike again and right after, I swam in West Railay beach for one last time, it was windy and wavy but still a good swim in this beach.

We went back to Ao Nang beach, we rode a long tail boat as it’s the only transportation available. Before 6pm, it cost 100baht, however, we had to book it in private as we have been waiting for others to join but only 3 of us are going back to Ao Nang. We met a girl from Ukraine, her name is Tanya, it was great talking to her. She was hopeful and kind even though there is still an ongoing war in Ukraine. I wish her and her family the best.

Once we arrived in Ao Nang, we went to Massage Corner near our hotel to get a Thai Massage. I got Coconut Body Scrub + Thai Massage for only 970 baht/1500php. It felt so good, oh my god! Thai massage is the best! I could do this everyday, I could be in Thailand everyday!

Day 6 August 1 (Monday)

After having early lunch in Ao Nang, we headed over to Krabi International Airport. I hate to leave Krabi, I really had so much fun! I will go back and for sure more activities again. I’d definitely try Ton Sai and Koh Lanta next visit in Krabi.

I had a connecting flight in Singapore and meet my friends for 8 hours. I had wine with them, ate Singaporean food! I missed my friends and Singapore. Singapore will always have a special place in my heart.

Before I left SG, there are other requirements to be presented in the Philippines – One Health Pass, Vaccination Certificate and boarding pass. It was a hassle in the Philippines as it’s not well coordinated when you reached the airport. They had to test the One Health Pass again manually instead of letting you pass through, it’s online for convenience. But anyway, I reached home by 6am August 02.

Krabi was one hell of an adventure. I will always have fond memories of Krabi. They were so advanced that every stores are already in online payments, the beaches were pristine and aquamarine in color. I love the karst formation. The limestone cliffs are so stunningly beautiful, food was delectable and affordable – they have huge and fresh seafoods! They are also practicing sustainable tourism. The hotels are so clean and affordable, never had a blast in hotels and people are so kind and polite. I also like the fact that it feels like home. I hope Krabi stays warm and exciting. I will always go back to Krabi. 🙂

Maria, sometimes, Niskie