Maria, sometimes Niskie

“I recommend keeping a diary. Diaries are cool” – Yes Man, Danny Wallace

My name is Maria Niskie, a Filipina. Some people call me Maria but I have always been Niskie. I have never liked my first name Maria before until I went to Singapore to work in 2015 and a lot of people have been calling me on a first name basis. In the Philippines, Maria is a very common name. We barely use it there. Maria comes from Virgin Mary and Niskie, because my dad’s name is Danny and his friends call him Daniski. My dad told me I was supposed to be named Daniski but my devout Catholic titas insisted to put a Maria on my first name. Glad they changed because I would not have started this blog if it were not for my name now. haha

It was a lot of getting used to. When my colleagues at work call me Maria I am not really responsive. I have never been called Maria for 30 years until just now. Well, I love Maria now. I just poke fun when I introduce myself. It’s a great conversation starter. It’s such a tease. Light and fun. Life is hard enough to be so serious all the time. So now, when I begin to introduce myself I say – I am Maria, sometimes Niskie.

I have always been wanting to blog after I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It’s one of the books that really inspired me. One of my favorite quotes from that book is “Look for happiness under your own roof”. We always get busy chasing for relentless adventures but it’s just in front of us.

I am so passionate of connecting people. I really believe making people happy and special make my life worth while. That’s why most of the features in my blog will be family, friends, experiences and explorations. There are ideas that I want to discuss and hopefully it can reach and connect to people.

I can’t wait to share with them all and learn a long the way.


Maria, sometimes Niskie